Sunday, December 14, 2008

Touched by Human Hands

Look at what my baby made me in church today. It's a sheep! It's the prettiest, smartest, most perfect Christmas gift ever in the whole history of all time. Ever.

She made it with her beautiful little hands.

I sent out David's Christmas package last week. I knit him a bunch of stuff. The kids drew pictures. I foolishly fell in love with a shiatsu massage pillow in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought him one. (I broke off the pillow affair before Bed, Bath, and Beyond could file for a restraining order. Ooh, it's so nice.)

There is a little flap over the moving parts that adjusts the depth of the massage. Not one to leave well enough alone, I decided to put my touch on it. I didn't print out a font or anything. I wanted my own handwriting on it. It's 100% wool felt with cotton floss.
It's such a joy to give and receive gifts touched by human hands.
In response to Marissa from my last post... You're right, my husband is a gentleman. That's why I fell in love with him. David's kindness gave me faith in mankind that I didn't have until I met him. I guess "redneck" wasn't the right word. I should have said "hero." Thank God for heroes and gentlemen.


CraftyGryphon said...

Very cool presents. Lovely sheep, lovely pillow-with-personalization (he'll love it!).

PS, there's a strange person, "dltakaal" now following you on Twitter. That's me; it's my was-gonna-be pen-name from when I was fourteen. Fear not, you actually know the strange person.

Sherezada said...

That sheep. Too cute! And I'm sure the personal touch on the pillow will mean lots to David...that's so very lovely.

It's nice to know chivalry is not dead (I hopped below to read the story), and I'm glad someone was there to help you out of the ditch. We need more folks like that in the world.