Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slinky Crochet

I am still on a quest to crochet a Clapotis-inspired shawl. I made yesterday's scarf as a practice swatch and have started working in laceweight silk now. I will post directions for the Crochet-o-tee later.

These gray-green photos are of the shawl. The silk is luscious to work with. The drape is amazing. The chain sections make a kinetic fabric that biases and twists. It's really fun and will be very wearable.

The scarf was inspired by this Finnish pattern. English directions aren't available, so I went rogue. I didn't want tassels or wide chain sections because I have a tendency to snag my scarves on just about everything.

Here are my modified English directions, with all props going to Ulla Magazine. Their copyright page allows me to post translations as long as I don't charge you for them.
Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted, 2 skeins (436 yards)
Hook: US Size F
Worked sideways.
Chain 236.

Set up row: Skip first 2 ch, dc 9, *skip 5 ch, chain 5, dc 10* Repeat between ** to end.
All other rows: Ch 2 (counts as first dc) dc9, *skip 5 ch, chain 5, dc 10* Repeat between ** to end.

My finished scarf was 20 rows wide, counting the original base chain. I blocked it out to 8 inches wide.

The last dc in each row is worked in the turning chain. I add this because nobody told me when I first started crocheting.

Block the finished garment like you mean it. The drape only intensifies.
I also whipped up a Lacy Girly Fancy Hat. The yarn was rescued from a failed sweater and it took 8 separate pieces to make this silly thing. A smarter person would have thrown the yarn away, but I've never bragged about being too smart. It still needs to be washed and blocked, but I like it. I left out the eyelets and ribbon. It took me 3 hours, including considerable time spent weaving in ends.
This is a gift for someone who wears this color all the time.

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