Friday, November 28, 2008


Now I have to wrap this stuff.

I made another little sweater for Isabel's stuffies.

It's a February Baby Sweater [Ravelry link]. I didn't have small enough buttons, so I used a few pony beads out of the kids' craft closet. If I were to make another February Baby Sweater in miniature, I'd leave the lace pattern off the sleeves. The lace makes the sleeves a little fussy. (Barbie's bony fingers get caught in there, too.)

I bought Isabel's Christmas dress. Her favorite color is purple. (If sparkly were a color, that would be her real favorite.) The fancier the better for that girly girl. The only problem is that the dress is sleeveless and we live in Montana. I'm going to knit her a little black shrug. I might try Wendy Bernard's Girlfriend Shrug (pdf).


Anonymous said...

that teddy bear is just crazy adorable!

Anonymous said...

outstanding cuteness.