Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis--a comfy sock with a padded heel knit in garter stitch.

If you don't know what plantar fasciitis is, be thankful. Without droning on about my health problems (again), let me just say that it's heel pain and the inspiration for these heel-first socks.

I used one hank of Bare Sock Yarn from Knit Picks. I dyed it without changing the size or shape of the hank. I dyed 1/3 Turquoise, 1/3 Sapphire, and 1/3 Violet. (All Jacquard Acid Dyes)
Gauge is 7 stitches per inch.
I used a size 1 40" circular from Knit Picks. I knit Continental style and very loosely. Some of you may need to go up to a size 2. There is a lot of room for error with these socks. The garter heels and toes stretch. This would be a good pattern for a growing teenager, some one with with a health problem like edema or diabetes, or pregnant mommy. They fit a lot of people.

Special stitches:

BYO-backwards yarn over. Wrap yarn over right hand needle from back to front, creating a twisted loop.

K3tog-Knit three together. Knit two backwards yarn overs and next stitch to the left together as one.

Broken Garter Stitch--Round one: [K4, P4], repeat to end. Round two: [P4, K4] repeat to end.

2 by 2 Rib--[K2, P2] repeat to end. All rounds are the same.

Knit Heel and Gussets (one piece)

You begin at the tip of one gusset, increase to heel, then decrease for other gusset.

Cast on 3 stitches.

Set up row: K1, place marker, K1, place marker, K1.

1st Increase Row: K across

2nd Increase Row: K to marker, Make 1, slip marker, K1, slip marker, Make 1, K to end. (Two stitches increased.

Repeat these two rows until you have 37 stitches.

Continue in garter stitch for 24 rows (12 garter ridges.)
1st Decrease Row: K to 2 stitches before marker, K2tog, slip marker, K1, slip marker, SSK, K to end.
2nd Decrease Row: K across.
Repeat these two rows until 3 stitches remain.
Next Row: Slip 1, K2tog, Pass slipped stitch over.
Break yarn and fasten off remaining stitch.
Knit Instep

Picking up stitches
Using the provisional cast on of your choice*, cast on 16 stitches. Pick up and knit 48 stitches along one edge of heel. Join for working in the round. Knit the 16 cast on stitches, knit 8 of the picked up stitches, then mark for beginning of round. (64 stitches total) Rearrange stitches so there are 32 instep stitches--those that include the provisionally cast on stitches--and 32 heel stitches on each side of your magic loops. (16 each needle if you are working on dpns.)
Work in stockinette stitch until piece measures 1.5 inches short of desired length.

* (I crocheted a 20 stitch chain with a size C hook. I picked up and knit 16 stitches from the purl bumps.)

Knit Short Row Toe

Backwards Yarn Over

Work across 32 heel stitches.
K 31, turn, BYO.
K 30, turn, BYO.
K 29, turn, BYO.
K 28, turn, BYO.
K 27, turn, BYO.
K 26, turn, BYO.
K 25, turn, BYO.
K 24, turn BYO.
K 23, turn, BYO.
K 22, turn, BYO.
K 21, turn, BYO.
K 20, turn, BYO.
K 19, turn BYO.
K 18, turn, BYO.
K 17, turn, BYO.
K 16, turn, BYO.
K 16, turn, BYO. (From now on, you will make a second backwards yarn overs next to this stitch.)
Two wraps, about to knit 16
K 16, turn, BYO. (Again, you'll have two backwards yarn overs on the end.)
K 16, K3tog (two backwards yarn overs and 1 regular stitch knit together), turn, BYO.
The two purple stitcches and aqua stitch below will be K3tog.

K 17, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 18, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 19, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 20, K3tog, turn BYO.
K 21, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 22, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 23, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 24, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 25, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 26, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 27, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 28, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K 29, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K30, K3tog, turn, BYO.
K31, K3tog. Do not turn. Knit across all 32 instep stitches.

When you get to the first heel stitch, SSSK--slip that first stitch as if to knit, slip both backwards yarn overs as if to knit, then knit all three together through the back. Then K31 to get back to beginning of round.

3 needle bind off, purlwise.
Either graft 32 toe stitches to 32 instep stitches or bind off with a purlwise 3 needle bind off.

Knit Leg

Pick up 16 stitches from provisional cast on and remove waste yarn. Pick up and knit 48 stitches along edge of heel. Join for working in the round. K 16 new stitches and 8 of the picked up stitches. Mark the next stitch as the beginning of round.
Begin broken garter stitch pattern. Work for 1 inch (or desired length.) You could omit this step and work in stockinette or rib.
Begin 2 by 2 rib. Continue for 4 inches, or desired length. Bind off loosely.
Weave in all ends, using yarn tails from heel to sew closed any gaps at the tips of the gussets. Block as desired.


Wendy said...

Thank you for sharing this pattern. I took a double take when I saw the name of the socks. I had plantar faccitis for a year and a half with both feet at the same time (OUCH!). I still have occassional pain. I can't wait to make these. The heel looks comfy! Thanks again!

Susan said...

I manage an office for a physical therapist and the people with plantar fascitis are really miserable. Those socks look really comfy!