Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crochet Pattern: Papa's Hobo Hands

I decided that my grandfather needed a pair of fingerless mitts for Christmas. His hands don't fight off the Montana cold as well as they used to. He putters around in the garage a lot and needed yarn that wouldn't show sawdust and dirt.

This is what I came up with--another way to justify my many sock yarn purchases.

These handwarmers are worked in sturdy single crochet stitches. The largest size has long palms that can be flipped back a bit for dexterity. The yarn is fun to work with.

All terms in this pattern are American. UK crocheters will work in double crochet.

One skein Araucania Ranco Fingering Weight Yarn--I made the largest size and only used 50g for both mitts. A single 50g ball of sock yarn would work for the two smaller sizes.)
Size C (2.75 mm) hook

Keep in mind that crochet doesn't stretch as much as knit fabric. When in doubt, go up a size.
Man Hands (Lady Fingers, Little Monkey Hands)
Measurement across palm 3.5 (3.25, 3) inches across.
Knuckle to wrist measurement 8 (7.5, 7) inches (or desired length.)
5.5 single crochet per inch

Directions (begin at knuckles):
First round: Chain 40 (36, 32) and join with a slip stitch to form a ring. Use a removable marker to keep track of the start of the round.
Chain 1, skip first chain space (this chain will count as a single crochet in the next round) and single crochet in each chain around. 39 (35, 31) single crochet this round.
Second round: Do not turn, start spiraling around mitt--one single crochet in each stitch around, 40 (36, 32) single crochet around.
Continue working in single crochet even until piece measures 3 (2.5, 2) inches. [Work the full 3 inches if you want a folded top.]
Thumb Gusset: At the beginning of the round, chain 12 (12, 10), then continue working the rest of the round as before.
Next round: Single crochet in each chain and all existing stitches. 52 (48, 42) stitches total.
Work even for 3 rounds.
Gusset Decreases: Work 5 (5, 4) single crochet stitches of thumb, then single crochet 2 together [Insert hook in next stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook into following stitch and pull up a second loop. Yarn over hook and pull through both loop on hook--one stitch decreased], single crochet to end of round.
Continue decreasing one stitch each round until 40 (36, 32) stitches remain. Work even to desired length.
Break yarn and fasten off.

Finish Thumb: [An extra stitch is worked over the gap to avoid a hole in the thumb.]
Join yarn where palm and thumb meet with a slip stitch, chain one, then single crochet in each stitch around. 13 (13, 11) stitches. Work in single crochet until thumb touches base of thumbnail. If you can't measure the recipient's hands, 8 rounds should be about right.

Break yarn and fasten off.

Weaving in all ends. Block as desired.


CraftyGryphon said...

Wow, I leave the internet for a few days and you finish a TON of stuff!

May try your mitts for my dad - he's in New Hampshire near Mt. Washington, and it gets a wee bit cold there, too!

Anonymous said...

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